Doug Ilijev is a Master's student at The University of Texas at Austin, currently working towards an M.S. in Computer Science, and will graduate in May 2015. He previously graduated from UT Austin with a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering in December 2013.

Doug describes himself as a Programmer, Musician, Artist, and Athlete.

Programming. Passion for computer technology.

Doug has been using computers as long as he can remember. His history of programming begins with writing batch scripts on Windows 95 and playing with basic HTML pages and JavaScript snippets around the age of 13. In high school, his friends convinced him to join the Computer Science class, and within a couple months he was absolutely hooked on programming. His first language was Java, followed shortly after by experiments in C++.

At The University of Texas, he decided to pursue a degree in ECE (Electrical and Computer Engineering), to broaden his knowledge. ECE was fascinating, but by the end of freshman year, he missed the rigorous approach to software that Computer Science offered. So he added a second major, in Computer Science. His favorite programming languages are now C++, C#, Java, and the Web 2.0 combo HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript.

Don't just play music; make music.

Music. Fuel for the soul.

Doug has been playing viola for 11 years, starting in the 6th grade. He began competing in Solo & Ensemble performance competitions beginning in 7th grade, and has repeatedly ranked in the TMEA Region XXIII and TMEA All-State orchestras. He enjoys the dynamic of group performances over solo performances, but still prefers a smaller ensemble, where the players have the freedom to make decisions about the music democratically. For him, there's nothing better than spending 2 hours with a string quartet rehearsing truly difficult and interesting music.

Over the years, Doug has acquired a collection of instruments, beginning with his viola, he then added acoustic guitar and violin, later expanding to include an electric violin, an electric guitar, and a classical guitar. Doug has played electric violin in a Jazz Band and a Rock Orchestra. He loves jazz (and wants to improve his improvisation skills), and is always interested in working on a project which leaves the realm of classical orchestral and chamber music. He has also tried his hand at composing and arranging music, with mixed success.

Doug's favorite classical genres are late Romantic and Contemporary. Favorite pieces include the Ravel String Quartet in F, Rachmaninov's 2nd Piano Concerto, and Shostakovich's 5th Symphony and 8th String Quartet. He lives by the adage passed down by his high school orchestra director: "Don't just play music; make music." He believes that passion is the most important ingredient in taking a performance from average to brilliant.

Doug has also taken an interest in singing over the past few years, participating in an a cappella group and a performance of opera scenes during his internships. He also enjoys the sound of a number of eastern instruments and styles, and would love to work on a fusion composition bringing those instruments and styles together with western music.